Tulip liqueur packaging
Client: Van Zuylekom, Levert & Co.
Six thousand organic tulips were planted, harvested in Zuidas—financial heart of Amsterdam—and distilled to become the world’s first tulip liqueur. This pilot project was to revive the nearly three centuries old brand of Van Zuylekom, Levert & Co. with a limited edition of 1860 bottles.
The thin, long neck bottle with its classic label is wrapped in a silver printed pattern paper that depicts the fragrant floral world. Its outer packaging is minimalistic, with corrugated cardboard and elastic band closure to protect the delicate contents.
Tulip Liqueur bottle
Tulip Liqueur bottle with wrapping paper
Tulip Liqueur, second layer packaging

The minimalistic packaging of corrugated cardboard and elastic band closure system protects its delicate contents. Customers are invited to create their own color combination from the available color choices. 

Tulip Liqueur, bottle, with wrapper, and second layer packaging
Tea towel
Client: Den Bosch District Court
Production: Textile Museum, Tilburg
A Christmas giveaway for the staff and relations of Den Bosch district court (of North Brabant province). The giveaway carried the court’s symbol, a lion, deriving from a 1665 Coat of Arms which was worn in the past as badge by the court’s ushers. 
To exemplify the local culture, the lion was woven into North Brabant’s traditional “boerenbont,” a checker-patterned kitchen towel. The lion “wove” in and out of the blocks creating a complex counterchange pattern that expressed the intricate nature of the court cases.
Tea towel
Tea towel, close up
Porcelain plate
Client: Den Bosch District Court
Production: Maastricht Porcelain and SDL Productions
Diameter: 29 cm 
To follow up on the tea towel Christmas giveaway of the previous year, Den Bosch District Court commissioned a plate that was to be a visual companion to the tea towel. The plate depicted the lion—the court’s symbol—leaping out of the previous year’s checkered pattern.
Porcelain plate

Den Bosch District Court Christmas giveaway: silkscreened in gold and baked at 800 degrees celsius.

Porcelain plate, close up
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