On graphic design essentials  •  平面设计要点教育书
Book title 书名: Graphic Design on Paper, Screen and Products
Publisher 出版商: BOOM publishers
Edition: English, Dutch • 版本: 英文和荷兰文
Supplementary contributions: translation from Dutch to English, captions and back matter text, various illustrations​​​​​​​ • 
额外责任:荷兰文, 英文翻译; 标题和后备文本; 各种插图
A compact graphic design study book for second year industrial design students. The study book itself falls under the addressed discipline, therefore, every available opportunity was taken to provide further knowledge through visually exposing the book’s design structure and components, such as drawing out the applied grid, listing typographic styles, identifying various parts of the layout with their correct terminologies, and more. Additionally, the book exhibited various surprising graphic solutions to demonstrate and inspire students on what one can do with the graphic discipline.
Front cover
Inside spread
Inside spread
Chapter opening spread
Inside spread
Color chart
Front and back cover
Paper monograph  •  紙的專著
Book title 书名: Papier (Paper)
Publisher 出版商: [Z]OO Production
Language: Dutch • 语言: 荷兰文
Supplementary contributions: contributing authors • 额外责任: 特约作者
Award 荣获: ACD 100 show
Part of [Z]OO Productions’ Design Monograph series. The Papier book—printed on 13 different types of paper stocks—looked not only at history of paper, its production, its properties, but also at how designers and artists work with this medium. With the dust jacket slip removed, the naked cover without any printing presented itself as what it is, just paper. A print control strip appeared on each of the 13 paper stocks showing the different effects of printed ink.
Cover with dust jacket

Cover with dust jacket slip.

Cover without dust jacket

The naked cover without any printing presented itself as what it is, just paper.

Inside spread, paper cycle at print shop
inside spread, with printer's testing strip

Print control strip printed on the edge of each of the 13 different paper stocks for comparison.

Inside spread
Last page of the book
Back cover with dust jacket
1972 Crouwel Van Toorn debate  •  设计辩论
Book title: Het debat (The Debate) • 书名: 辩论
Publisher 出版商: [Z]OO Production (Dutch edition), The Monacelli Press (English edition)
Edition: English  Dutch • 版本: 英文和荷兰文
In 1972, a historical debate took place in Amsterdam between two Dutch graphic design icons, Wim Crouwel and Jan Van Toorn. The heated debate on design’s function in society drew a large crowd. Four decades later, the debate transcript was found and published in this book.
Crouwel’s clean modernistic approach drew sharp contrast to Van Toorn’s politically driven graphic solutions. The polarity of their work and thinking meant that the book’s visual language needed to remain neutral, not choosing sides but providing an impartial stage. Thus, the book set out to reintroduce this debate with the typographic structure of a written play.
The Debate in four different colors
Close up of cover blind embossing
Inside spread, debate transcript
Inside spread, debate transcript
Inside spread, essay
Inside spread, visual work of Crouwel and Van Toorn
Reimagining Erasmus  •  重新构想伊拉斯谟
Book title 书名: Erasmus van Amsterdam (Erasmus of Amsterdam)
Client 客戶: Neel Korteweg
Language: Dutch • 语言: 荷兰文
This atypical book on the 15th century Dutch Renaissance humanist was the result of a decade long quest from visual artist, Neel Korteweg. Her drawings and paintings on Erasmus’ ideologies inspired historian, essayists, and poets—21 to be exact—to reflect on her quest. 
Through a flexible grid structure, the book harmoniously embodied diverse content: Drawings, paintings, essays, and poems. 
Inside spread, painting of Erasmus
Inside spread, essay opening
Inside spread, essay
Inside spread, essay
Inside spread, drawings
Hans van Howelingen monograph  •  一个公共艺术家的专着
Book title 书名​​​​​​​: Stiff
Client 客戶: Hans van Howelingen
Publisher 出版商: Artimo
Language: Dutch, English • 语言: 荷兰文, 英文
A bilingual monograph documenting the visual work and writing of Dutch public artist, Hans van Houwelingen.
A flexible system was set up to distinguished the book’s different content types: Diverse visual work, article clippings, and essays. The two languages were laid out side by side on the spread in contrasting modern and classic typographic styles. This stylistic clash reflected Van Houwelingen’s work where conflicting elements are fused to provoke new context and meaning.
Cover without dust jacket
Table of contents
Inside spread, essay opening
Inside spread, project opening
Inside spread, project page
Inside spread, project page
Inside spread, project page
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