Various covers  •  各种封面
Publishers 出版商: Meulenhoff, De Bezige Bij, Hatje Cantz, Nieuwe Amsterdam, Tromdrager, Autoprijswijzer
Cover of “Dieman”

“Dieman” (that man); fiction; Huub Beurskens; Tromdrager Publishers

Cover of “Autoprijswijzer”

“Autoprijswijzer”; second-hand car price index; Autoprijswijzer Publishers

Cover of “Immer met moed”

“Immer met moed” (always with courage); short stories; various authors; Meulenhoff Publishers

Cover of “De Kustlijn”

“De Kustlijn” (the coastline); short stories; various authors; Meulenhoff Publishers

Cover of “Snow Country”

“Sneeuwland” (“Snow Country”); fiction; Yasunari Kawabata; Meulenhoff Publishers

Cover of “The Shanghai Papers”

“The Shanghai Papers”; Shanghai Biennale; assembly of commentary text; various authors and artists; Hatje Cantz Publishers

Cover of “Regio en Ring”

“Regio en Ring” (region and ring); poetry; Seamus Heaney; Meulenhoff Publishers

“Het Goede Leven” (the good life); philosophy; Piet Gerbrandy, Andreas Kinneging; Meulenhoff Publishers

Cover of “Robert Calasso”

“Robert Calasso”, Raster: literary magazine; various authors; De Bezige Bij Publishers

Cover of “Een keerpunt in de vaderlandse geschiedenis”

“Een keerpunt in de vaderlandse geschiedenis” (a turning point in Dutch history); manifest; Karel van Wolferen, Jan Sampiemon; Meulenhoff Publishers

Cover of “Periodic Fever and Mevalonate Kinase Deficiency”

“Periodic Fever and Mevalonate Kinase Deficiency”; doctoral thesis; Joost Frenkel

Cover of “Het Artis Bestiarium”

“Het Artis Bestiarium” (bestiary, Amsterdam zoo); bestiary; various authors; Nieuw Amsterdam Publishers 

Cover of “KID”

“KID”; fiction; Huub Beurskens; Meulenhoff Publishers

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