Academic research report
Client: Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam
A research report series with a challenging criterion: to be produced by the institution’s in-house reproduction department with basic production means at low costs.
To prevent the reports from carrying a cheap do-it-yourself appearance, the cover white ink printing and die cut were professionally executed to serve as the series’ chief visual component. Each individual report’s title slip, inside printing, and binding were carried out by the in-house reproduction department.
Report cover
Cover die cut close up
Report front and back cover

Professionally executed white ink printing and die cut hole combined with internally produced color-copied title slip, inside printing, and binding.  

Series of academic research reports
Client: Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam
A series of research reports produced by the institution’s in-house reproduction department with basic production means at low costs.
The identical size and use of common archive folder as cover stock gave the reports their overall identity. The visual execution of the various report titles gave each report its own character. By outsourcing some printing techniques to professional print shops, these self-produced reports conveyed a professional look.
Report cover with sticker

Sticker with report title wrapped around the archive folder cover, to access the content, reader must rip the sticker open.

Report cover with blind embossing

Report title blind embossed on archive folder cover.

Report cover with colored copy slip

Report title on colored copied slip that is stapled to the report.

Award check
Client: Premsela Dutch Design Foundation (now part of The New Institute)
To stimulate critical thinking among design students, Morf (a periodical on design literature) organized annual writing competitions. Each year, three winners were selected and given cash awards with their winning essays published in Morf.
The award check integrated Morf magazine’s established typographic language with visual characteristics of traditional checks and banknotes. Each winning essay’s full content was printed on the backside, echoing the small print found often on official documents.
Award check of 1500 euros, front side
Award check of 500 euros, front
Award check, back side

Winning essay’s entire content printed on the back of the award check.

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