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Client: Tellart
Tellart is an award-winning experience design company with an international team of experts working at the boundaries of technology to create transformative experiences.
To present Tellart’s numerous complex and extensive projects, editing was crucial. Each page was composed with an awareness of a visitor’s short attention span, therefore images were edited to construct visual narratives that told the projects’ stories in a clear way. This was made possible by the site’s clean, simple and straightforward design.
Homepage autoplay video

Homepage with autoplay video of the company’s project highlights. 

Project thumbnails displayed on homepage

Beneath the autoplay video is an overview of projects, each represented by a visually striking image that acts as teaser to the project page.

Project thumbnails on homepage

These seemingly randomly positioned project images were carefully placed in a controlled and structured grid. Each image takes the visitor to the page of that project.  

Each project page opens with a feature video.

Project page, visual TOC

For more complex projects, a visual Table of Contents is provided as a quick way to access the various segments of the project.

Project page, visual narrative

The content of the images, their relation with one another, their visual quality, their positioning on the page were all taken into account in constructing a visual narrative of the project.

Team member biography

Biography in the “About” section seen on different devices.

A simple textual site
Client: De Vereniging Corporate Litigation (Corporate Litigation Association)
A simple textual site for the association of judges and lawyers that advocate discussion and study of corporate litigation.
The site’s visual structure consisted of two intersecting color fields. At the intersection, navigation and content took place. This visual structure symbolized the nature of the association as a platform where professionals come together for discussion, exploration, and sharing of knowledge.
sample page
Close up showing the unique scroll bar

The thin vertical white line that separates the navigation and body content is also a scroll bar.

A nonprofit organization’s extensive site 
Client: Montessori Europe
A nonprofit organization that “enables and encourages Montessori pedagogy at political, social and educational levels throughout Europe”.
The website is home to the organization’s extensive information on congresses, workshops and other educational material. It also contains an ever-expanding archive that documents past congresses.
For navigation of this extensive site to feel intuitive, a well-structured information architecture was a necessity along with an understandable and logical navigation system executed in simple layout with legible typography.


Menu navigation

Menu navigation

Menu behvaior when the page is scrolled

Menu behavior when the page is scrolled.

Workshop schedule

Workshop schedule that links each workshop to its page on the site.

Website, mobile
Website, mobile menu
A photographer’s portfolio
Client: Maurice Boyer
Maurice Boyer’s extensive collection of work dates back to the 1970s. Seeing the world through his camera, Boyer documented political and social upheavals, eminent individuals, daily life, and nature.
The site’s clean and minimalistic approach provided a visually quiet platform for Boyer’s compelling photographs to tell their stories. The site made use of an archival system that permitted Boyer to choose what work remained in private viewing and what could be exhibited to the public.
Homepage slide show

Homepage is a rotating slide show.

Menu navigation

Menu navigation

Gallery navigation

Gallery navigation

Gallery fullscreen mode

Fullscreen mode

Gallery fullscreen mode
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